New challenge now live – Key Stage 2 Spreadsheets

This challenge helps you cover much of the data part of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Computing.  We use spreadsheets to tabulate data from a survey and then use the graphing function to turn the tables into charts or graphs to help us to analyse and interpret the data.

In the challenge example we look at recording and interpreting traffic data outside the school but you could just as easily change the focus to look at data on pupils in your class such as height, eye colour or even favourite food, crisp flavours, music or more.

The second part of this challenge looks at using spreadsheets to help us model data.  We look to plan an end of year barbecue in our example.  We use formulas to help add up costs and find costs per item.  We can then model costs and also income from ticket sales by changing values on the spreadsheet or by altering formulas.  We can also use the spreadsheet to help us present our final model in creating tables and charts for use in a report or presentation.

Theme Packs now available on 123SOW

Cross curricular theme packs from 123HUB are now available on our computing scheme of work.  These can be dragged-and-dropped onto the 123SOW planner alongside challenges and  custom resources:

This means that 123SOW teachers can now combine themes with challenges and their own custom resources to change the content of their scheme of work to suit their whole-school curriculum.

Major technical update

Today we released a major technical update to 123SOW.  The biggest change in this version of 123SOW is improved filtering of challenges and coverage.

This includes and improved interface for filtering and the ability to filter challenges by specific objectives as well as appropriate age.    

The coverage tool also now includes a fully working suggest button (a pair of glasses).  This filters our challenges to show only those matching that specific objective helping schools to easily fill gaps in curriculum coverage.   

This update also features a new enhanced editor for Custom Challenges. It’s now possible to add a little formatting to the text in your challenge using something called mark-down language.

Content updates – New videos

Over the summer holidays we have been completing our live challenges on 123SOW by adding videos to the last remaining available challenges.  Each challenge has six or seven dedicated videos provided to help teachers teach Computing.  Over the coming months as the Beta test progresses we will be releasing more challenges to fill the current gaps in curriculum coverage.  By Christmas we plan to offer full coverage for all year groups.