Plans and Pricing

Full access to 123SOW is via a one year subscription contract.

All content is cloud based so no installation is required.

123SOW has built in backup and security features as standard.

Your annual subcription includes:

  • Access to all challenges and theme packs
  • Video tutorials and PDF overviews of all challenges
  • Unlimited access to drag and drop smart planner
  • Coverage tool which highlights progress and gaps 
  • All updates and new content

Please note current prices are guides only and may change.

Free trials are available upon request.

Prices for mulit-academy trusts are also available upon request.


The Computing scheme of work from 123SOW is just what we were looking for. It is really easy to create our computing plans for each class and for the whole academic year. The coverage feature is a particularly powerful tool as I can at last work with colleagues to address the gaps in our computing planning.”

Beth Binnian

Deputy Headteacher, Stonesfield Primary School

“As a non teaching Head and Deputy for a good many years I have been completely out of the loop in terms of teaching Computing to children, and I honestly could teach it tomorrow with the resources from the 123 Computing Scheme of Work. The challenges were pitched at a great level of experienced and inexperienced teachers alike, they had the right balance of not being patronising but also managing to be informative and valuable. Teachers went away completely enthused and raring to go with teaching Computing. I think they are an excellent resource which I would happily pay for. I can’t begin to explain what a piece of absolute genius they are.

Lauren Murrey

Headteacher, Tackley CE Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for two teachers to be logged in at the same time on the school account?

Each school has only two accounts, an editor account and a view-only account.  It is possible to have more than one person logged on to each of these accounts at any time.

Will the scheme of work be updated in line with changes in the computing curriculum?

As 123SOW is not a physical scheme of work, but an online platform, 123SOW evolves and changes as technologies change and as the curriculum changes.  Our aim is to continually update content and bring new challenges to 123SOW throughout the life of your subscription.

Who is behind 123SOW?

123SOW has been created by 123ICT, more specifically by a group of highly experienced Primary School Teachers and Ex Local Authority Advisers who are still regular classroom practitioners.

Where do the ideas come from for 123SOW challenges?

All 123SOW challenges are based on ideas which have been devised by experienced Primary School teachers and tried and tested in Primary School classrooms.   The way these ideas are delivered as well-supported challenges makes 123SOW challenges unique.

What is 123SOW’s Unique Selling Point (USP)?

123SOW is totally unlike a traditional paper-based Scheme of Work.  We don’t tell you what to teach and when and we don’t make assumptions about what  your staff are capable of or how you organise your school classes or even how you timetable your computing time.   The whole concept of 123SOW is to be as flexible as possible.  You design and shape your planner structure.    You choose what you teach when.   123SOW shows you what you are teaching lots of in your curriculum and also where the gaps in coverage exist. The planner then suggests challenges to help fill those gaps.

Where’s the progression?

We suggest challenge modules for certain years and for some of the challenges we suggest they build on previous challenges and we signpost next-step challenges to help you build in progression.

Why doesn’t 123SOW give us fixed plans to follow for each year?

123SOW doesn’t set out to take away teacher’s and coordinator’s professional judgement, but aims to support you making these decisions about your school.  We don’t dictate what you must teach and when but offer you the flexibility and support to plan a Computing curriculum which fits in with the rest of your school’s curriculum and offers you the flexibility to decide if there are specific challenges that are better suited to specific staff.  In this way you can support staff in learning new skills through 123SOW without overburdening them.

Can we get a discount on 123SOW?

We offer a multi-year discount if you are willing to commit to a three-year subscription deal.

What is this ‘challenge’ business?

When we devised 123SOW we envisioned it as a way for schools to challenge their staff and pupils to raise achievement in Computing.  This vision turned our ‘modules’ into challenges complete with 1,2,3 overall objectives to challenge pupils to achieve and learning objectives for each challenge part.

What if I am already teaching something I like in Computing?

We have a custom challenge feature built directly into 123SOW.  You can briefly describe what you are going to teach, add weblinks and then tag it with our curriculum can-do statements.  Your ideas then become part of your school’s scheme and are included in the curriculum coverage map for your school.

How long is a trial period?

We can offer flexible trial periods where schools have access to a reduced set of our challenges.  If a school decides to buy a subscription to 123SOW their account will be converted to a full account with full access to all challenges.

Do you give refunds?

123SOW offers free trials to all schools.  Once a school enters a contract by purchasing a subscription they have a statutory cooling off period to change their mind.  Beyond this point 123SOW will not issue subscription refunds.

What happens if we decide not to continue to use 123SOW?

If you decide that 123SOW isn’t for you, you can choose not to renew your school’s subscription when it is next due for renewal.  123SOW does not give refunds for partly unused contracts.

Ok, but what happens to my planner and coverage?

Once your school’s subscription expires you will no longer be able to log in to access your planner or any of the 123SOW resources.

How do I find out how long I have left on my Subscription?

You will get reminded in plenty of time when your subscription is coming to an end.  You can also contact the 123SOW office at any time to ask questions about your current subscription or ask for any help.

Can I buy 123SOW for myself as an individual teacher?

Unfortunately 123SOW is only available to purchase as a whole school.  Why not sign up your school for a free trial and see what your colleagues think too?

How do you map your challenges to the National Curriculum?

123SOW have taken the UK Primary Computing National Curriculum statements and ‘decomposed’ these into individual ‘can-do’ statements.  These have been assigned a code for the purpose of easy tracking and assessment.

How about assessment?

123SOW provides basic support for assessment.  We have an interactive spreadsheet to help teachers teacher-assess pupils based on our can-do statements.


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