Another great, new theme pack.

A new theme pack on Poetry has been produced for the 123SOW. Poetry can be fun, it can be used to send a message and it can be used to tell a story. It can rhyme, or not; it can be deep and meaningful or be nonsensical.  Poetry can be performed, or it can be for personal consumption and enjoyment. It can be full of humour that makes us laugh or so deep and meaningful that it moves us to tears. In short, poetry is simply great!

My favourite Haiku:
To convey one’s mood
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic              (John Cooper Clarke)




First wave of 20 BETA test schools on board with 123SOW

This afternoon we welcomed the first twenty schools on board 123SOW at our beta launch meeting in Witney.  As beta testers they have very early access to 123SOW and will provide us with honest feedback about 123SOW and help us develop our scheme and content moving forward.  On the whole they were delighted by the flexibility of 123SOW to be tailored to each school’s individual needs.  The truth of the pudding will be in the use of 123SOW come the Autumn term.  For now our Beta Schools’ focus was on finding challenges to teach when they return in September.