Major technical update

Today we released a major technical update to 123SOW.  The biggest change in this version of 123SOW is improved filtering of challenges and coverage.

This includes and improved interface for filtering and the ability to filter challenges by specific objectives as well as appropriate age.    

The coverage tool also now includes a fully working suggest button (a pair of glasses).  This filters our challenges to show only those matching that specific objective helping schools to easily fill gaps in curriculum coverage.   

This update also features a new enhanced editor for Custom Challenges. It’s now possible to add a little formatting to the text in your challenge using something called mark-down language.

Content updates – New videos

Over the summer holidays we have been completing our live challenges on 123SOW by adding videos to the last remaining available challenges.  Each challenge has six or seven dedicated videos provided to help teachers teach Computing.  Over the coming months as the Beta test progresses we will be releasing more challenges to fill the current gaps in curriculum coverage.  By Christmas we plan to offer full coverage for all year groups.

First wave of 20 BETA test schools on board with 123SOW

This afternoon we welcomed the first twenty schools on board 123SOW at our beta launch meeting in Witney.  As beta testers they have very early access to 123SOW and will provide us with honest feedback about 123SOW and help us develop our scheme and content moving forward.  On the whole they were delighted by the flexibility of 123SOW to be tailored to each school’s individual needs.  The truth of the pudding will be in the use of 123SOW come the Autumn term.  For now our Beta Schools’ focus was on finding challenges to teach when they return in September.

Taking the wraps off 123SOW

For the first time we were able to take the wraps off 123SOW at the Oxfordshire Head Teacher’s conference in Stratford today.  We shared a demonstration site with a number of head teachers who all were very interested in the unique flexibility of 123SOW.  They liked the concept of the video-based challenges and the unique drag-and-drop interface to planning your own scheme.   Lots of the heads requested to become part of our Beta test coming later this year.