Another great theme pack from 123SOW

Iceberg straight ahead!!!

On the 14th of April 1912, the famous passenger ship, the RMS Titanic which was thought to be unsinkable, sank on her maiden voyage from the UK to America with a great loss of life after colliding with this iceberg.

In this brilliant new theme pack from 123SOW you’ll find answers to all your questions about the ill fated ship along with stories from survivors and other resources covering more general sea travel, and also the science behind floating and sinking.

  • How was the Titanic built?
  •  Why she was thought to be unsinkable?
  • What happened on her fateful maiden voyage?
  •  How she sank?
  • What happened to the passengers and crew?
  • Were there any survivors and what were their stories?

Art and Design

There’s a new theme pack available on the 123 Scheme of Work – Art and Design. This month’s featured theme is the creative subject of art and design. In primary school, art and design can be fun, it can be decorative and it can also be used to convey a message, or tell a story. It can be created for exhibition, demonstration and illustration purposes, or it can simply be produced for personal enjoyment and as a vehicle for expressing the artist’s imagination and creativity. There can be little doubt that the subject has wide-ranging appeal and artistic creation is really enjoyed by many – children and adults alike!

Hot News – or is it?

HOT NEWS****READ ALL ABOUT IT****  A new theme pack is now available on the 123SOW on the subject of News, Current Affairs and Fake News and how you can use these in the classroom. When I was at Primary School, we loved putting together a School Newspaper with interviews with the teachers, hand drawn pictures (no digital cameras then) and news about the new building that was underway. Today, it is really easy to put together a newspaper, news sheet or a news website. Check out  123SOW to get started.