Hot News – or is it?

HOT NEWS****READ ALL ABOUT IT****  A new theme pack is now available on the 123SOW on the subject of News, Current Affairs and Fake News and how you can use these in the classroom. When I was at Primary School, we loved putting together a School Newspaper with interviews with the teachers, hand drawn pictures (no digital cameras then) and news about the new building that was underway. Today, it is really easy to put together a newspaper, news sheet or a news website. Check out  123SOW to get started.


It’s that time again…Christmas 2018 theme pack NOW LIVE.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and our new theme pack is now live on the 123ICT Interactive Computing Scheme of Work

It’s full of activities, lesson plans and arts and crafts to help you and your class enjoy the next few weeks when not rehearsing for THE PRODUCTION. Many of the resources are cross-curriculum so you can have a bit of Christmassy maths and literature too.



Animals and their Habitats…

The new theme pack “Animals and their Habitats” is now live on the 123ICT Interactive Computing Scheme of Work

Over 50 links to resources, planning and activities to help you teach this amazing topic across both KS1 and KS2.

Why do some animals live in some places and why do some not? Why are there no penguins in the Arctic? Apparently it has nothing to do with polar bears and them not being able to get the wrappers off!!